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Don't forget that we have a Discord at

If something happens with the instance this is one way to learn what happened.

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Hello to new arrivals!

This is a periodic reminder that you are subscribed to this account by default because it's used as a primary face for instance-related announcements and news.

For actual content, you are suggested to follow actual admin, @Deiru, or open and pick someone who would interest you.

The reason we do not do this automatically is to preserve your freedom in who you chose to follow and interact with.

Have a nice day.

Pinned post joins Matrix!
This time it's official.
^ This is both web client as well as the address to use with mobile clients!

When logging in from desktop or mobile clients, pick "custom" option and punch in our address to get started. You can sign up from mobile, desktop, and web clients!

Youmu is now more visible on the page, so your posts are being judged by her no matter what you post.

She is supposed to be under any actual UI element and will not get in the way of using the site.

Hello to all new arrivals!

Be sure to check the rules and also check everything else we have to offer!

It appears that XMPP component of our status checker decided to be an ass again.

Please check XMPP availability yourself through the client.

Anyway, don't feel intimidated.

We've discord, we've Mumble, we've Terraria server, lots of stuff, many such cases.

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I'm honestly trying to keep track of all the new folk but it's a bit hard. Which is a good thing, I guess?

Some instability may be happening, we're updating server software.

Paid for another month. Our last downtime won't happen now, at least for next month.

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