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Slight correction!
The cache will return offline on the case of failure. Otherwise it should report proper statuses for each service.

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For the past couple of days landing and status pages have been experiencing weird hiccups that might have led some to confusion.

I forgot to catch the case where in-memory cache would fail for some reason, thus hanging the entire app.

This has been resolved. Cache will now turn offline as I look for a better solution.

After some random billing problem, GenSoc is back into action.

Apologies for the pause in service.

This instance is now listed on


There was Satori Komedi. She wanted to garner people's laughter, but instead, she got a lot of love

I spent whole 3 months to make a Touhou unofficial fanbook which most of you can't read.
It's going to be released at Comifuro 14!


Welcome! This is an English server. Everyone is welcome, but may be better.

ようこそ! これは英語のサーバーです。 どなたでも歓迎しますが、 の方が良いかもしれません。

欢迎! 这是英文服务器。 欢迎大家,但 可能更好。

Instance is paid for and good to go for another month.

No changes to operation planned yet.

Everyone,'s main page just got a face lift, or something of the sort.

What is not finished is coming pretty soon. In the meantime you can check what's planned at

Another month paid for.
Thank for for sticking with GenSoc.

Periodic reminder that you can find list of additional services we provide on both

It seems like someone requested their archives from this instance, but due to bug in our media storage it failed. It should be fixed. You may try again if you wish to move.

Paid for another month.
Here's to another month without paying for this server until the next month when I'll have to pay again.

Status page should now be reporting Masto status like it should.

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes, life makes lemons out of you.

You can also sometimes make yourself a lemon as well on accident.

Instance is back online, should be using Jortage now. Some of your media might be missing but it's coming back, slowly.

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