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Get some icecream today or some popcicles (or shaved ice).

You earned it.

Celebrate the day of the Baka today with an all new emoji


Looks like it's time to bump the Masto version up again.

Stand by for some expected downtime.

And we're back again after a brief outage due to me not paying the server bill (not surprising at this point).

We are now running Mastodon 2.9.0, and it has new UI.

To Try it:
Go to Settings -> Preferences -> Appearance and uncheck "Enable Advanced Web Interface" to try out the new UI!
New users should get it by default.

We now have fully functioning XMPP server at!
Reg is open, btw!

Service Announcement, Outage 

Service Announcement 

Service announcement 

Our resident mikos have successfully resolved the incident.

Amanojaku is gone.
For now...

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties due to Amanojaku interference. We've dispatched a couple of miko lasses to deal with it. but purification ritual might take some time. Please wait warmly.

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