Boomers have one major problem: They expect people my age to check and reply to email.

Just stumbled upon youtube video where a "critic" called PREY "A game where immersion is used to overshadow the lack of gameplay or story".

I can argue about the story, it was pretty botched towards the end, but lack of gameplay?? That's like saying system shock has no gameplay.

OKAY, real question:

Unfortunately PC is not an option since my dad also wants to play and these two consoles are the only shared gaming platforms we have.

Capcom: Play demo to decide on pre-ordering the game
EA: Pre-order now to get access to the demo

Ah shit, I still have some 80 eur to return to my friends.

That would be my last money income until feb 12 or so, tough choice...

Hmm. I might get something around 400 euro today.

Should I cave in for RE2 collectors item or should I not?

Slowly getting a fetish for youtube girls with anime avatars explaining games, thanks youtube suggestions.

Such game could have voice chat that would go in and out depending on what happens in the game, separations and reunions are unpredicted, what few time two players actually spend together can be made valuable via gathering resources that your partner might use but you don't, in order to make players depend on each other. And the choice of who goes where should not be forced to keep players constnatly guessing which way is best to take.

I always wondered if Coop horror could be made scary by intentionally separating partners for long stretches of time while making tem complet goals that dirrectly affect them.

You're still playing with a friend, but they're not in the same room as you, you can't see them and you can't support them in any other way other than their vague instructions on what you _might_ do to help.

I wonder if Capcop will ever remake that abandoned, original version of RE4. It looked fucking RAD.

Got legit heartache this morning. Wonder if it's something serious.

By the way, what other options for broadcasting are available aside from OBS?

I know about procaster and xsplit, but thankfully they are completely closed so I won't even bother testing anything on them.

It's small little details like that, slowly creeping in. This is why I settled for nginx-rtmp as default option, despite initially wanting to use OSSRS.

I truly admire what Chinese developers did with OSSRS, but in some tight places it's completely bizarre.

Like I already mentioned that info they provide in onpub hook does not have query params in it. To work around that I had to include it as a part of url in way that, in OBS at least, forces streamer to input streamkey into unescaped (not dotted) field. Which is buuuuuuuulcrap.

I also tried to return 301 from my hook to only include credentials as stream path and redirect OBS to correct pub url, but that's not really secure as it still requires the final publish destination to be open. Not to mention that it did not work.

Aside from consuming issues, there's the fact that due to a lack of other means, I will have to utilize nginx-rtmp or OSSRS, and somehow simplify at least generating configs and also walk the user through coupling them with the backend.

OSSRS is especially concerning since it's absolutely arcane piece of dick that works good but forces you into very perplexing setups.

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