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Another month paid for.
Thank for for sticking with GenSoc.

Periodic reminder that you can find list of additional services we provide on both

It seems like someone requested their archives from this instance, but due to bug in our media storage it failed. It should be fixed. You may try again if you wish to move.

Paid for another month.
Here's to another month without paying for this server until the next month when I'll have to pay again.

Status page should now be reporting Masto status like it should.

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes, life makes lemons out of you.

You can also sometimes make yourself a lemon as well on accident.

Instance is back online, should be using Jortage now. Some of your media might be missing but it's coming back, slowly.

I have made strategic decision to move to Jortage to help with deduplication and reduce storage usage on-instance.

Expect downtime while I upload our current load onto Jortage.

Probably will be migrating to Jortage for media storage over the weekend, stay tuned for downtime announcement.

Instance is now running in secure mode.
In theory, this furthers safety features and should prevent post leakage to blocked accounts \ instances.

Had to restart again to get secure mode kicking, we're back for good.

Expect downtime right now, upgrading mastodon to 3.0 and enabling Secure Mode.

Finally Marie gonna have some fun at Pokemon after being trashed on FFBE

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