Hi! I remember you talked not that long ago about how you were oppening issues across AP projects concerning LDSig key rotation.

Out of pure interest, do you still have links to those issues? I manually found only Mastodon one.

@Admin fuck I knew I forgot to cover something in my damn blog. most implementations now support BKR. Thib is trying to get it done in Mastodon.

@kaniini I wanted to show this to a friend to show the extent of damage things like these can cause. He's not really familiar with AP but your post got him butt furious.

@kaniini But it's good to know this thing was sucessfully pushed across the board.

@Admin BKR is a bandaid, it's not a complete fix. surely your friend observed that. if he's furious it's probably because he's a cryptographer (amateur, pro, doesn't really matter to me)

@kaniini He's not a cryptographer but let's assume that plausible deniability is... something that we care a lot about. I'd leave it at that.

@kaniini I guess living in Russia makes you an amateur crypto out of pure neccessity.

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