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"The Epic Store won't accept 'crappy games,'' says Tim Sweeney

Who gets to judge? You and your sack of coin?

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To add more salt to this wound, articles are already calling Epic Games "creators of Fortnite". Think about that. Devs of a great engine and owners to the great legacy are reduced to "creators of Fortnite".

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Mark my fucking words, all those indie devs are going to bitch and moan about increases in cut and how evil epic store swindled them.

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My Prediction (TM) regarding Epic Games Store:
They will be eventually forced to actually compete with steam since their exclusivity shenanigans will surely end someday, and this will drive them to match steam's sales cut because apparently you can't both have same services as steam AND current epic store cut AND profits.

Crazy huh.

AAAAND they're gone from their instance. Cheers to anyone who reported.

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>Hey guys, there are no such things as beta or alpha male, we're all human
But also
>Christian men are the biggest beta cucks.


I should just close this blog but it's so-so entertaining just to read and take it all in...

Just met a black guy at my local groceries who speaks no Russian and barely does any English.

Helped him buy a chicken and sent him on his way. I hope he's ok.

He was incredibly lucky he stumbled upon me, the entire store had no idea what he was saying and he almost bamboozled himself with prices.

More content like:
"White men love black women"
"White women are the most racist"
"Baby Boomers need to die"

Yeah, basically just ban 'em on spot.

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Oh my god that site is basically a CIA Conspiracy to cover up that Michelle Obama is trans, as well as Jacinda Ardern.

This is next level of tinfoil.

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Replies only, spams the same shit over and over about how "women a proven to be bad leaders".

Suspend if you care?

Basically he complains that WoW is becoming less and less challenging trying to accomodate the wired audience and dude's solution is to turn things back and make everything "hard" and make everyone "earn" the content and I find both of the approaches to be the purest form of bullshit. (He also goes to complain about mounts but he's not taking into account that mounts are probably made by people different from the main content team).

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Just listened some shmuch on youtube use Trump memes to explain how to "fix" bad (it's really bad) WoW's design with equaly bad design and practically SCREAMING about it like a fucking HBomberguy.

What a watch.

Lol a survey man just said that the state didn't recognize his schooling and refused him to enter an exam, and that always perplexed me, as far back as when I was in Uni.

Why the hell would you need to be sure that the schooling is proper if the whole purpose of the exam is to do just that?

Would it really matter what schooling you had if you passed the exam? Like you proved that you know your shit. Who cares how you learned it???

I suddenly crave to buy and own all kinds of drills, screwdrivers, power drivers, perforators, saws, etc...

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I've known how to use rawplugs for years but only do I learn how they actually WORK. Fascinating.

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