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Service Announcement, Outage 

Service Announcement 

Service announcement 

Our resident mikos have successfully resolved the incident.

Amanojaku is gone.
For now...

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties due to Amanojaku interference. We've dispatched a couple of miko lasses to deal with it. but purification ritual might take some time. Please wait warmly.

Things HAVE happened and I have revived DALE back from the dead. From now on this will be an account primarily for announcements and shit.

Dale is back with regular scheduled programming at @Deiru

Anyone from outside should go and follow that instead. Local users should keep following this because I'm not risking my personal account drowning out some important warning or whatever.

Service Announcement. 

That is, of course, if the game actually provides that proper context and is being honset with the player. I'm not talking "Hatred" or Illusions chikan simulators, I'm talking Tyrany or New Vegas.

Few games try to cast you into a role of a villain without making it campy or trivializing it for the sake of funsies.

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Participating in the acts of violence and evil deeds in videogames is much more valuable to the player than doing good things.

By directly enacting morally wrong or gray actions in a grounded context in a virtual world you are compelled to impose it on yourself and think about yourself, rather than just being satisfied with playing out the hero trope.

Friendship ended with "Country Roads".
Now "The Passenger" is my best friend.

Did it ever occur to you?
The surveilance.
The shoot-on-sight laws.
That's terror. Terror built into the system.

"The Epic Store won't accept 'crappy games,'' says Tim Sweeney

Who gets to judge? You and your sack of coin?

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To add more salt to this wound, articles are already calling Epic Games "creators of Fortnite". Think about that. Devs of a great engine and owners to the great legacy are reduced to "creators of Fortnite".

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Mark my fucking words, all those indie devs are going to bitch and moan about increases in cut and how evil epic store swindled them.

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My Prediction (TM) regarding Epic Games Store:
They will be eventually forced to actually compete with steam since their exclusivity shenanigans will surely end someday, and this will drive them to match steam's sales cut because apparently you can't both have same services as steam AND current epic store cut AND profits.

Crazy huh.

AAAAND they're gone from their instance. Cheers to anyone who reported.

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