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The unspoken rules of
1) Be professional
2) Be polite
3) Have a plan to block everyone you meet.

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This is my pinned on twitter and this will be my pinned here as well.

Good shit right here, I so love this album.

With the way my relationship to GensokyoRadio is going, might as well just make an alarm that mutes my PC's audio while sleeping and increases it as alarm.

Waking up to random touhou music.

I think I did enough good for today, time for some sleep.

Right on cue, Cirno's Math Class started playing.

Made a progress on Miracle a bit.

Users can be muted, detained or suspended.
Mute blocks chat
Detainment blocks stream publishing
Suspension blocks out of the entire system

Next thing is channel management I guess and then prettifying UI.

Not as good as 11.3, but still good, my favorite Album.

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