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Only here:
- Trash tier politics that I actually don't know shit about
- Posting about videogames, sometimes
- Whiny complaining about literally everything and their dogs
- Self-deprecation
- CWing based on quantum phase of the moon
- Software sometimes?
- Fuck knows what

Don't delay, follow today.

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@Deiru eh, I nearly got my skull bashed in last month because I made fun of a guy when he was trying to impress a girl. it's a physical constant.

Morbid sui jokes 

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Morbid sui jokes 

Me: I NEED to sleep please
My brain: You will always attract people but never more than as just a funny guy. Enjoy living and dying alone, you have yeaaaaaaaaars ahead.

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I wish people would stop having relationships with each other so everyone could be lonely like me and I could finally sleep.

That post was a real comedy gold zinger tho, I just wanted to put things in perspective.

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I think that post about stembros fantasizing about mars and space station grossly misunderstood the situation.

Being locked up on a ship to mars or a station is exciting and fun because weee space. The excitement alone would drive me through years of isolation of needed.

Coronavirus is just sitting at home during a situation that progressively spirals out of anyone's control without any inspiring forecasts.

And then you wonder why the wars never end in "Star Wars", of course they'd never end, you never show the war and your audience LOVES it. They take nothing away from it.

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Which is something that I like about EU and why I'll never shut up about Old Republic. I know less of it than your average SW stan but I absolutely fucking respect the way it handled politics and stuff and put a bit more humanity into war.

It's not really fun when the extent of "war" actually being shown is a few civvies burning in a village or ONE planet blowing up.

Feels sterile, like everyone else are just waiting it out at homes, like "Oh look, war again".

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The real reson Disney got rid of EU is because otherwise Mandalorian would look less cool and very-very yikes.

The correct way to watch Star Wars is to consume ALL MEDIA in the Star Wars universe in the in-universe chronology

Capitalists are stopping coronavirus like Grindewald stopped WW2, amirite?

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