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If you have any scamcoins (of bitcoin variety) and you feel like you'd rather not own them, you can send them this way.


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Only here:
- Trash tier politics that I actually don't know shit about
- Posting about videogames, sometimes
- Whiny complaining about literally everything and their dogs
- Self-deprecation
- CWing based on quantum phase of the moon
- Software sometimes?
- Fuck knows what

Don't delay, follow today.

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I love CIA's "We can neither deny nor confirm".

Like, shit. If you can't deny or confirm it then you did whatever you are asked of, how hard is that?

today i learned about the existence of the Deviant Art White Bread Fetish Guy

Please, CW when you have sex. It disturbs me greatly when I think of how many people have sex without CWing, some don't even post about it on fedi.

The gall of them. The audacity.

The abbreviation "3DPD" to me for many years meant "3D Police Department", which, for the same extend of time, implied that there must be a 2D Police Department.

No joke, folks, just tried it, 0\10 would not recommend.

the interesting thing about the man delorean is that people usually refer to cars as "she", so a guy car is unique enough to make a tv series about it

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