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If you're seeing this and wondering where I've been you need to refollow me.

Someone reported me so I had to suspend myself as a bit.

Hey, you might get rona and die because of Disneyland but at least you'd be spending one hell of a last time.

Ubisoft’s showcase is in an hour. This is despite the fact that Serge Hascoët, Yannis Mallat and Cécile Cornet have all been ousted from the company as of yesterday. Curious to see if that will be addressed.

from a gross, nasty-ass business standpoint they wouldn’t address it on stream either way because they’d be shooting themselves in the foot. they want people who don’t know about it to stay not knowing about it

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Nice meme, huh.
But the cringe gives no tactical advantage.

I snuck inside local Area 51, collected evidence, used it and a bribe to get a key card, and now I seem to have released some kind of alien fungus by opening a sealed doar with the key.

Currently searching for infection data to make spore filter.

This isn't anything fancy for an RPG but this fucking rocks for The Sims.

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To be honest this quest chain is wild.
I didn't expect Sims to have actual quests at all, let alone this good for the... Well for The Sims as a genre.

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fast food workers in rural areas making jack shit an hour inches away from dying from poverty: refuses to serve police and gets fired

tech ppl making 100+k a year: i have to work at google or i cant live in san francisco which is where the only gays are

how's it hangin, fedi💪, my excercises have been Completed🛹💪, and I'm wearing a brand new dress that looks like the fabric was put through deep dream and to me, that's pretty great 👗👗👗.
how is it my fellow #swoletariats💪💪💪, @Aleums and @Deiru I can tell from here that you're looking positively ripped this morning as well

join the #swoletariat morning workout squad, a fascist pumped iron today, did you??

Time to haul the Glorious Multicooker from where it is to where I live

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