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Arkadiy and Boris Strugatskiy, "Roadside Picnic"

"I never sold my soul to anyone! It’s mine, it’s human! You take
from me what it is I want... it just can’t be that I would want something bad! Damn
it all, I can’t think of anything, except those words of his... ’HAPPINESS FOR

He had stopped trying to think.
He just
repeated his litany over and over: "I am an animal, you see that. I don’t have the
words, they didn’t teach me the words. I don’t know how to think, the bastards
didn’t let me learn how to think. But if you really are...all-powerful...all-knowing...
then you figure it out! Look into my heart. I know that everything you need is in
there. It has to be."

And then, sinking
into the rubble, he dragged himself across the quarry to the dancing, winking ball.
He was covered with sweat and panting from the heat, and at the same time, a chill
was running through him, he was shuddering, as if he had a bad hangover, and the
sweet chalk dust gritted between his teeth.

The sun was broiling hot, red spots floated before his eyes, the air was quivering
on the floor of the quarry, and in the shimmer it seemed that the ball was dancing
in place like a buoy on the waves. He went past the bucket, superstitiously picking
up his feet higher and making sure not to step on the splotches.

I thought about opening a patreon or a Kofi page where you can sponsor my shit posting, ugh, excuse me, faecal publishing, but I decided that the quality of my published feces are inadequate for this.

My lifetime goal is to meet ZUN in person and drink some hella beer with him.

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@carlosceb the biggest risk for mastodon right now is gargron getting a real job

Hey, it's Halloween soon!
I say goodnight, and this rare Yuuka says you should rember happy day!

I'm an NPC too, might even be a quest giver. I drop no loot tho.

People repeating the NPC meme like NPCs.


Who is Neil Cicierega and why his songs followed me from my childhood to now and why is he so rad?

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