@Deiru imagine neo trying to escape from an open office. "hide behind the coffee machine, neo. now, neo, that potted plant outside the occupied conference room with four glass walls will provide zero cover, but on my mark, i need you to-- the cops found you. of course they did. morpheus signing off."

@Deiru i had one of these at my last job and it is literally the only thing i miss about it

@Deiru Someone not worked in Japan, I see. Even in the 1990s it was just a little section of a shared counter. Only people who needed the space for materials worked in cubicles seen in e.g. Shirobako.
@Deiru When I started working, my workplace looked like a today's classroom. In fact not everyone had a time-sharing computer terminal. So, although it's an amusing meme, it does not scare me one bit. We built great things in offices that were more open than open plan ones.
@Deiru no matter how bad things are, always remember they can and will get worse

@Deiru I just want a fucking wall so I don't have to hear mommy chat while I'm trying to un-fuck the LAN. There is a reason I hide in the server room all day.

I saw the film Office Space for the first time recently and found myself envying their cubicles

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