Picked a girl and she seems to be suffering from Anthem Disorder. I bet the male lead has the same problem given the nature of the game.


Protagonist's obnoxious attitude aside, I'm really into this.

Especially the fact that a lot of dialogue are so blatantly disregard continuity it makes me hyped up.

"Hey Walker, I had no idea you'll be a ranger or that you'll survive this emergency, but here's a holomessage just for you! Grab some technoshit and kill some badguys!"

Holo-recordings are flat and turn to face you Everytime, like original doom sprites. It's a nice touch.

I just ran away from an NPC in the middle of expo-dump and my character just says "Later" and NPC shuts up.

Melee is an instakill on unarmored enemies, and shooting stunlocks them.

This is FUN.

Starting car handles like ass tho.
It's waaay too heavy AND responsive at the same time.

Feels very artificial tbh. And I preferred FPS perspective better, like in the first Rage.

Okay, I'm starting to warm up to the writing. It's cheeky and very cheesy, but it seems like the whole game is like that.

Also for the first time since DOOM remake I'm shaking after each battle. It's REALLY fun.

I suggest muting both threads to avoid seeing anything RAGE related. I won't spoil stuff but in case you don't want to see me gushing over ultra-violent arcade action.

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