Actually death start is an incredibly humane mass destruction weapon compared to what Siths were up to back in old republic days. Remember Telos IV?

I'm also really fucking mad they didn't go all out on Malachor V and refused to link TOR-era with the original starwars. COWARDS.

Nah: Some magical sith stick used years ago to win one battle.
Yeah: MASS SHADOW GENERATOR deployed by REPUBLIC in order to bury literally everyone and their moms and create a wound in the force and leave planet to be a losely connected set of parts and compromising the Force almost to the point of ending it.

That was like, fucked up the plannet into some kind of gravitational bogaloo and literally pulled every ship in orbit down with extreme force and then almost everyone died.

If you give me a choice between THAT and death by deathstar, I'd say fuck yeah, beam me up, Scotty.


Remember that the destruction of Alderan merely upset the Jedi while Meetra Surik (who gave the order to bomb Malachor V btw) had to be cut off from the force because she literally felt all the suffering and couldn't handle it.

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