Twitter user reports that Blizzard has disabled ALL verification methods necessary to delete account, DAMAGE CONTROL MUCH?

To clarify, it seems that despite screenshots showing "too many attempts", people have made only one, additionally, attached photo was supposedly a response to a user uploading his "Government issued ID".

Now this can realistically mean TWO mutually exclusive things actually.
1) Either this is a technical luke due to waaay to many people destroying their accounts, OR
2) This is actually Blizzard doing actual "damage control" to prevent people from removing accounts

On the account of two (which I view more likely despite tech issues being more "fitting" in other cases), I think this violates GDPR and Blizzard can face class-action. Sweeeeeet.

@Deiru it's definitely a GDPR violation. Every person in the EU who's refused having their data deleted is potentially a maximum fine of 10% of Activision's revenue. Meaning if it's more than 10 they could be bankrupt. This won't happen but it should to punish them for supporting a group of facist murderers.

@mlubert I remain optimistic about the whole deal, I want to see them crash and burn.
Let's see how Kotick buys his way out of this.

@mlubert @Deiru I'd love to see that court case play out, honestly. Making an example of Blizzard to show that the EU isn't going to fuck around might put the fear of God into other companies that need a wake up call as well.

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