VAC: runs on server side
VAC: Has no kernel level bullshit
VAC: Not always ideal, but actually works

Other anti-cheats: "Wh wh wh wh wh whell whe needh all the access........."

It also runs on client, but it doesn't burrow into your system like a fucking worm.

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If I don't want VAC on my server I don't enable VAC for my server. And weee.

You can't just say "please no denuvo in my play session."

You just can't.

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@Deiru nobody really learned from StarForce, people just put it on a shelf for a later time

@Deiru We are so advanced in ML and AI. Wouldn't it be much safer better and safer if AntiCheat was based on that instead of running on client side in ring 0?

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