Ok, I wanted to be cautiously optimistic about #Microsoft and #Linux, but as suspected they didn't take long to reveal their 90s self.

Getting massive headlines from the mainstream "tech press" about how they're bringing Linux GUI apps to #Windows, as if that somehow served anyone else but #Microsoft trying to compel developers not to leave their platform.

Fortunately, WSL2 is still a massive pile of crap, so good luck with that.

Then there's the announcement of "bringing DX12 to #Linux", whereas in reality it's only for WSL2, not Linux in general and it's almost entirely closed-source.

Basically, it just proxies calls to DX12 from WSL2 to the underlying Windows host, it's not some grand port.

P.S. Let's pause for a second around why they call it "Windows Subsystem for Linux", as if it's something they were doing for Linux users, whereas in reality it's actually a Linux Subsystem for #Windows. Nice newspeak there

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Lastly, them renaming Xamarin Forms to the Multi-Platform App UI, (MAUI), for no reason, other than to conflict with an existing #KDE project of the same name and then closing a GitHub issue about it with basically "fuck off", should leave anyone in no doubt about how much Microsoft actually loves Linux and what their approach to the community is the moment they don't just get to throw random shit over the wall & get instant praise for it.


I cannot believe I seriously had conversation about this yesterday and got told on telling "fairy tales about evil micorosoft" and how they are "Just looking to improve their product".

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