realizing that my coworkers haven't seen what I look like in months

my profile picture at work is of my fursona. i never turn my camera on during meetings. i'm perfecting my quarantine timeskip, especially since i was a dude last time they saw me in person

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this puts a lot of pressure on me to get really hot before quarantine ends

i really gotta start working out

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i mean, don't get me wrong, i'm already hot, but i'd be hotter if i was blasted, jacked, stacked, and ripped

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i spend too much time posting about Big Grace to not become the Big Grace I want to see in the world

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@BestGirlGrace Do you become Big Grace by defeating Grace, your long time mentor in a clandestine operation?


@BestGirlGrace Yeah, I think the whole clandestine operation thing is a lot more easy and actually fun.

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