That's great, it starts with an earthquake
Birds and snakes, and aeroplanes
And [BILLY JOEL] is not afraid

@NaiJi "Осторожно, двери закрываются. Следующая станция - "Кантемировская". Будьте взаимо вежливы, уступайте места пожилым людям, инвалидам, пассажирам с детьми, и беременным женщинам."

Also, apparently ObsCure, 2004 Teenage Horror videogame, inspired by the cult hit "The Faculty", has Sum 41 for it's intro and of all tracks it's "Still Waiting"

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Speaking about funny moments in vidiya, there was a moment in videogame history where KoЯn made a theme song for a silent hill game, called "Silent Hill".

Hillary Clinton?

Clint on deez dick and balls, ha, got em.

(I don't actually know what that means)

@elkcl У меня аж скрепы затрещали.

Yes, Evelyn, men are crying because they want extra point on the first date for being sensitive, not because they like, had a feeling overcome them and want to cry. It's common knowledge that one can just start crying randomly on the spot because they just thought it would be cool to start crying.

"there are times when it is warranted for a man to cry in front of a female potential partner. I can’t say when and why because this is highly contextual" has like, such strong, pronounced incel energies that I can't fucking let that one sentence leave my mind, it's fucking harrowing.

Fucking incredible, "If you cry early on in a relationship I basically have no feeling for you anymore, also strong estrogen levels, also you showing emotion is hogging MY emotional real estate."

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I sure love it when some random woman on the internet is telling me exactly when it is or isn't appropriate for me to cry and how it would affect her personal attraction to me.

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