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This creates cool combos, such as when you deal with shotgunners who wear thick head armor that completely blocks bullets. One kick sends them flying with the vector of the kick being against their legs, which in turn exposes their head for a kick, which shatters the head armor and extends stasis, which you can immediately follow with a nice clean headshot. And when the game actively assigns points to each and every "skillshot" you find yourself doing that more and more.

Well, actually no, enemies kicked \ slided into enter a sort of suspended stasis for a few seconds after which they casually fly a bit in the direction you kicked them (unless there's something you can impale them on in that direction, in that case they do just fly towards that immediately)

It takes away the JUMP (yeah, the most SACRED thing in shooters) but it substitutes for it with the leash and slide mechanic that is actually more useful than you might think.

Sliding in this game is not just a trick to get to cover quickly, it's an honest to got powermove that sends your enemies flying like a canon ball.

a lot of farmers don't want to be fucking local ecology up, but if they stop they'll lose their homes, their communities and everything they have by changing to another job or method of farming that isn't subsided

I spoke to a big group of XR people from the west country, I'll admit I went over to them because I saw the Cornish flag. they were telling me how subsidies basically force them into shitty farming practices but they'll just starve if they don't grow the government cash crop subsidies. this means they create massive mono cultures, unsustainable farming methods that strip the land of nutrients and a reliance of local communities to import food when there are farms down the fucking road

american chuds really being like "omg china is so much like black mirror with their social credit scores" like they don’t have a credit score and a public offenses registry either

Oh yeah, I finished Bulletstorm (in Full Clip Edition) yesterday and it's a pretty nice game all things considered.

Tbh you have to have a really good muscle memory to understand Touhou. The patterns are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of micrododging and pattern recognition most spell cards will not be captured by an average player's hand.

Since people are going on and on, that #Selfhosting is not just running a script, let me clarify this:

Self-hosting is like gardening. Yes, it needs time and love. But mostly for making new stuff or big changes happen. When you do it properly it can boil down to a few minutes a week, as you maybe just need to water your plants in the garden.

It's a hobby, not everyone needs to do it. There are professional services as alternative, but it's nice to share with friends.

Anyway check out this cool shit:
Progress is going well on :porting" Morrowind to Skyrim and I like this a lot.

I know it's a weak reason to have a YT subscription but I watch a lot of cool ppl and I can't just parteon every single one of them.

I mostly watch on youtube because I have premium and I justify it with creators getting a a small cut from my premium even when they have yellow ad status, but I know a lot of folks here are not really into the idea of watching things on youtube.

I need to write a script for qutebrowser that automatically copies a link to ividious when you're on a youtube page.

"Zelda! Me is under attack by the evil forces of mah boi!"

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