should i get Monster Hunter World...? Seems nice

and them there's the sunsetting for armors too, but lemme remind you of a problem, the seasonal mods only work on a set of armors of limited seasons, so you are also butchering the only 2 "different" playstyles that you created, you are making weapons who never were meta anyway even more useless, cuz they needed these mods to work

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yeah, this season weapons are not that "good" if compared to the usual Damage boost + Reload Speed combo, BUT they have unique interaction with Rasputin Balls ~with i forgot the name~.In the end, i don't think the weapons are the problem, hell i'm not playing because the weapons are "bad" i'm not playing cuz THIS SEASON CONTENT FUGIN SUCCS

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Bungie seems to be pretty convinced on their gear sunsetting philosophy for Destiny 2, apparently deleting content I paid for is not enough

Nothing to do, Destiny 2 is boring as fuq, it's too cold to play Touhou and i'm to lazy to finish any of these other games i got on Steam like FF13 or DBZ:Kakarot

It's 2 AM and i can't stop hearing this thing, SEND HELP I NEED TO SLEEP

i should shut down my internet before i start looking down even more russian memes

I think if u drink Vodka and Sake at the same time u might be able to see Yukari for a second

i have entered a weird dimension, a strange mix of slav and touhou are now coursing thru my veins

u know... it's rly not that good so... WHY THE HECK I CAN'T STOP PLAYING THIS THING?

ok, i need to stop forgetting all the time the name of Mastodon

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