So basically Prey to the Gods is Zelda Breath of the Wild + Shadow of the Colossus. Nice, I guess, weapon durability is still ass though.

3rd Eye may end up being a legit awesome Touhou Game but fuck me sideways with a yabbi pump, I truly don't find its artstyle appealing, much.

People who don't know the differences between Cyberpunk and Steampunk are not to be trusted tbh.

Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION still blows my mind! So much going on in that game!

We can say anything about PewDiePie both as a Character and as a Person.... but his old videos were and still are Top Cringe!

I just realized.. the Metal Gear Fanbase and the Touhou Fanbase are very much alike, in the sense that both are full to the brim with Secondaries.. only difference is that Metal Gear is dead, and Touhou is still alive.

I don't think I'll ever buy another Playstation Console again, the PS3 was my last one. SONY is fucking up, I have no intention of supporting their nonsensical cheap censorship.

Holy shit, as if Touhou 17 wasn't enough, Nic Piro also announced he's working on a sequel to GREZZO DUE lmao, yes!

Oh so I wasn't crazy, the slang term GIT GUD actually originated from Metal Gear Online 2, cool!

I bet she is gonna have the same old snore-inducing shot type as well. Wack!

> Youmu playable character in 2hu 17

Yawn! Gimme something new ZUN!

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