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y'know, i always feel a certain way when entering a new instance, it's a mix between wonder and worry

Wonder because "wow, all of this is SO new to me" and worry because "Do i fit in here?, am i doing things the right way?"

In any case, hi!

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being Bi/pan and not picky is nice, knowing that if you meet someone online, they're most likely gonna someone attractive whether they're man woman, or other

...And i hate this so much, because we're taking giant steps towards becoming independant of giant corporations, that treat our data like the ham at the supermarket, the independance and potential a decentrilized internet brings is gigantic, and it boils my blood that those steps are being taken by cryptobros that spend $400k on jpgs and fascist that are only interested in privacy to scream as many slurs as they can"

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"I'm starting to see how services based on privacy and decentralization are being related with the alt-right

I tried taking a look at Peertube and it was full of people celebrating how a white supremacist was declared innocent, gab has moved to mastodon, Monero has a shitty reputation, and the best channel i can think of that talks about online privacy emits some ancap 4channer vibes...

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So i sent a message to a friend, and i want your opinion

Rooting a phone shouldn't be such a cactus in the rectum, with the only options being "Install a new whole unit of measurment of spyware" or "Make a nasa engineer look like they're following a scratch tutorial"

But i know that it has to be this way because god fordbid The Poor™ owning things

And a special "Fuck off" to the developers who put an un-minimizable splash screen when i open their program, i hope something bad happens to their cat

Racism, Kyle Rittenhouse 

Just found out he was found not guilty despite the photos of him carrying a gun and attacking people

All i have to say is: death to the us

I want to say one thing and one thing only

fuck foraging

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Started playing space station 13

Feels like controlling a human body with punch cards

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Thinking about how this is a pay-walled feature on twitter

Y'all ever so bored that you say to yourself "man, i want the shittiest game to play, the shittiest movie to watch or the shittiest way to spend my time"?

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Just wanna let everyone know that "Stalin and Trotsky kissing because they are gay" has been processing for 2 days on NeuralBlender. Its thinking REALLY hard about this one

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