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y'know, i always feel a certain way when entering a new instance, it's a mix between wonder and worry

Wonder because "wow, all of this is SO new to me" and worry because "Do i fit in here?, am i doing things the right way?"

In any case, hi!

i'm conflicted and i need help

what do you call it?

Transcript, long 

...and we're broadly celebrating for the death of every fucking british belonging to that fucking filthy pirate thief genocidal murderous crown that's been a torment, this nazi daughter of a bitch that admired hitler when she was young and imitated the nazi salute finally has come to a close"

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Transcript, long 

...has left planet earth and it's good news for everyone finally, someone who deserved it died right?, so much that-- look look look *pop* ayyyyyyyy, let's toast a little bit for the death of the trash that is the queen of england, foam for everyone, her son-of-a-bitch husband was already dead and now she dies...

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Transcript, long 

"The old hag daughter of a bitch is dead, it's finally over, thank you so much satan for taking her away, it's not here anymore, the hag is dead the english are covering it she's dead hard as quebracho thrown at the camera fucking old hag, it's over and i promised you we were gonna make a toast and we're gonna make a toast eat some sandwiches, this british trash, this lucifer's filth, this masonist trash...

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I love my country sometimes

[transcript in english below]

I remember listening to an imposible to search song, it was called something like "?", and it was about a mirror and a traffic sign, it had some nice visuals that represented the sounds

So my university posted the days and times that the subjects will use, reasonable, since i'll have to register the 7th

Thing is, it isn't just the semester i'll go next, it's every single subject from every single semester i'll have

Nothing is organized and there are next to none filters


Hey, does someone know about smuggling stuff?, Askinf for a friend that needs it for today

"fellas, is it gay t-" yes, it is, everything is gay now, your worst nightmares have come true, we won

Shit: the overall quality of the anime, a 0 is a flawless masterpiece while a 10 is something like Kobayashi Maid Dragon

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*the weeb ass shit scale consists of ranking an anime based on these tree characteristics, it goes from 0 to 10 and the lower it goes, the better

Weeb: how much of japanese culture you have to understand what is going on at any point in time, Cowboy Bebop would be really low while something like Nichijou would rank a lot higher

Ass: How many uncomfortable angles appear, stuff you wouldn't want te be caught with, any Ghibli movie is an automatic 0 while something like Gurren Lagan ranks higher

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Just binged Komi can't communicate and i'm gonna rank it in the weeb ass shit scale*

Weeb: 6/10
It's a slice of life, it's bound to be high

Ass: 3/10
All the weird and uncomfortable angles are compressed in a single episode (the pool episode, who would've guessed)

Shit: 1/10
Another normal lesbian, it was just one more normal lesbian from perfection



I bought it, and i'm gonna test it tooday

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Would you drink the bazinga beer?

There are two kinds of gay people

*Gay people who likes frogs
*Gay people who likes skeletons

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covid, death (but of terrible people) 

trump didn't die from covid so i can't let myself hope the queen will

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