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before your follow:
open the door, get on the floor
everybody walk the dinosaur

i'm so glad all uk govt websites are required for most functionality to be accessible as well as adding notice to what is and isn't

kinda nsfw but super silly 

So after they announced the "GitHub Archive Program" at GitHub Universe, On the 15th of January I made a repository with an image of my left testicle, Only recently I got confirmation that it made it in the snapshot, So...
My left testicle is preserved in a massive archive of source code,

This is the best news I have heard this entire yeaar

sorry for being inactive as hecky,
i still never know what to post and have been pretty busy

i say "hey google, thank you" after doing most things because if i was an assistant i would love people to say thanks,,,

im kinda against assistant devices but as someone who is disabled, bless google home

@Utsuho direct action is pirating academic papers and then mailing a check to the researchers

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