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my current obsession is custom server racks made from ikea furniture

nproc shows it has 386 cores when it is only supposed to have 384 cores
im so confused where the extra 2 came from

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@flussence @Utsuho the maintainers of htop announce support for more than 4 cpu columns by rendering bad apple in it

system was lagging for some reason apparently my little kitty friend decided to run off the xserver to a far far away land and my system couldn't keep up with him, bless

Badgers! They're back and invading the local park for berries meaning its nearly autumn

kinda nsfw but super silly 

Still listening to the Gulliver's Travels audiobook

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wanting to get into collecting touhou plushies because soft

fixed my nuclear theme for newer versions of mastodon

Does anyone else have a dotfiles repo that isn't just linux configs

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