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before your follow:
open the door, get on the floor
everybody walk the dinosaur

ascii block characters 


1.17 minecraft is so unoptimized for older hardware and i don't think sodium is updated

i wish you could use eSpeak voices as the default Windows TTS voice because i have a modified version of en+f4 (english female 4) that has a few pronouncing changes to some words

it just occured to me how much of a useful accessibility feature this really is

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if anybody wants to get this layout, go to languages, English (US) and select the Morse layout, its really useful

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silly fact for the past few years i have been on-off using gboards morse code layout to type using the buttons on my headphones

Did you know that people get uncomfortable when I type with capital letters, Just wanted to inform you about that

TIL that screensharing the NVDA window in discord allows friends to listen to how fucking fast my screenreaders voice is

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