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everyone if you like my art please follow @voidlurker_art much appreciated

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annual bout of remembering i have a fedi account

conveniently censored nudity and implication of alien-fucking 


Why don't we just define the minimum wage in proportion to the cost of living instead of having to go on strikes every few decades to get it moved up a smidgen until it becomes useless again later

when you're piloting the largest airplane ever constructed and you ask your friend who's a massage therapist with a very distinct color scheme to hand you some grapefruit flavored seltzer and get one for herself 

the chartreuse masseuse pries loose a deuce of pomplemouse juice on the Spruce Goose

I have a hot take: people were dunking on Musk the other day for talking about carbon removal tech and being like "just plant a tree lol" but we literally will not be able to avoid the most drastic effects of climate change without--not only scaling *down* carbon emissions--massively scaling up carbon removal. And on the scale we need to do it, planting tons of forests is seriously not viable. It's easy to go "haha building some machine you tech loser" but that's the fucked up situation literal decades of inaction has put us in.

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