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who's interested in trying to make a game with me
if I get an actual teammate I'll legit try making a Kickstarter

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❎ closing your credit card account
✅ shredding your credit card but keeping the account open to boost your credit score

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Pinning this toot to make a thread of "things i want to do but never get around to doing"

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going to bed like two hours earlier than last night so that's good

I'm gonna cuddle with my huge yuyu doll and nobody can stop me

I love to receive thick, juicy music in my tight little earholes

i wanna go marie kondo on my stuff but i already got rid of everything but my mattress clothes and computer, i have nothing left to dispose of

mastodon: are you SURE you want to block everything from this domain, we recommend you j--


i'm torn about this dora movie

on one hand it's a movie adaptation of a children's educational cartoon and that sounds like a recipe for disaster

but on the other hand they gave her a fucking knife so they're clearly insane

i just tried to look up why fusion releases energy but i couldn't understand the answers

also thinking about her getting wasted from the amount of beer that would fill a shot glass and it's way too cute

k so like an NPC walked past mia in skyrim and said "is it hot in here or is it just me" and i instantly started thinking about who mia would have romantic interests in and can't stop

so i decided the fairy's name is mia

now i got to figure out who to ship her with

need to make a size chart that compares all my OCs but that would require drawing all of my OCs in one sitting and i'm not sure i have the willpower for that

dora the explorer gets a knife and falls into a hole

this movie is actually an undertale prequel and dora is actually chara

i've been thinking about the fact that this dog is considered empty for a while now

i hate spotify on mobile but i keep using it because it's good for finding new music to be interested in

for a bit i thought my kishin touhou oc didn't look enough like a touhou but then i remembered what hecatia looks like and was like "nah, this will work"


i need to draw my gay OCs tomorrow so i'll have a reference when i pay someone to draw them

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