Music Tracker software is so fascinating to me for some reason. It feels like this fun in-between of a really GUI-driven, user-friendly DAW, and just outright coding your music.

ᘔ⁐ᕐᐷ⇁What do y'all think of this emotichameleon? ᘔ⁐ᕐᐷ⇁

Very happy to drop my first full-length project on Tabula Rasa Records. There are so many fantastic artists on here and I've been lucky enough to make friends with several of them. Highly recommend checking them all out

I dropped my first mixtape this week. If anyone was looking to buy anything in the remaining 3 hours of Bandcamp Friday :)

Bought the Mom$ discography today and I that was 100% a worthwhile purchase.

Working on organizing the tracks I've been producing the last couple months so I can put them out on Bandcamp + streaming services. I did finally got off my lazy butt and put this EP I made last year on streaming services though. It's free on my Bandcamp if you want a download.

Scuffed Records is having a massive sale on Bandcamp. Tons of great electro bangers in here

Started playing TF2 for the first time in awhile. Having to kick bots in casual matches is still annoying but I forgot how much fun this game is.

Just uploaded my WickedSick Fest 2021 (@wickedsickprods on Twitter) set to Bandcamp for ad-free streaming. If anyone was looking to support my work this Bandcamp Friday I have a few Name your own Price tracks on there. Thank you all for listening :)

Very good Jungle mix, the kind of groove that's energetic and thoughtful at the same time.

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