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I think the best Touhou games are the ones that feature soundtrack that matches game's theme.

But that would be every game though.

I need a cozy Touhou fangame where I can play as Nazrin and just strolling around Gensokyo to find burried treasures.

Problem in conventional healthcare

1. Your doctor told you to get a rest for your goodness.
2. Habit app said "Let's be productive, work is fun!".
3. Your doctor doesn't sound like a cute anime girl.

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I know it's not important for people here since the comic is only available in Indoesian. But I gonna post it anyway, I'm actually alive.
(Mine at bottom)

Also, lately I've been doing this in these entire month. A touhou circle "Duodesimal" generously took me as a guest to release a doujin at Comic Frontier 14 soon.

He is wise I believe, for this moment. I haven't touch the games I bought before.

My veteran friend said it would be a bad decision. He always says don't play the game. Don't become a slave like us.

Vikala looks like Nazrin but with Kyouko's cheerful attribute, which is an outstanding combination.

There are times when I got urges to start playing Granblue just for Vikala.

It's midnight here and I feel like to be noisy before going to bed.

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What's the equivalent word of wanting to do many things when one need to do a thing properly

New mic test, guitar, Touhou.

Late night play. There might be timing issues and inconsistent volume.

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