Crashing windows 95 by trying to change your wallpaper

Just some shit that happened yesterday. Bad disk moments

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Fun fact: they ported internet explorer 5 to win16

Once I start posting about old computer shit I just keep going and going and going lmao it's fun

Oh here's mpx play

This is how many disks it takes to fully install windows 3.11 on my Pentium 1

Too many floppies

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dropdown menus are really cool, you can do stuff like this with it

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What does fedi think of go(lang)?

top 1 reasons to buy a pstv

number 1. play psp games on your tv

had to compile a project but they didnt include the build files for windows. luckily i had copies on hand but still, you cant leave out the weirdos who develop and build on windows!

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