I've been struggling with ☆9/▽9 "GO BACK 2 YOUR RAVE", particularly with the part seen in the image. The notes look like a bunch of pyramids, too bunched up for me to even comprehend, let alone hit.

I lowered my HI-SPEED number one time, and I was able to hit most of the notes, so I figured the lower I go, the more accurate I could hit them. I have it down such that the note travel time is ~485 ms, and now I'm hitting everything way too early! I need a better way to determine that sweet spot...

Japan Time didn't come late this time! Since I tried a bunch of new songs, beating fuji's scores in most of them, I leapfrogged DSCH and fuji in Skill rating. But when I still couldn't clear the third ☆06 course song, I was convinced I shouldn't use Skill to compare players.

Still, I want to expose myself to charts above 9.3 Notes/s so that when I return to the final ☆06 course song, playing it wouldn't be so bad. Since three of that course's songs are in the ☆Normal Stairway, I'm moving to ☆.

So...it finally happened. Have a look at the screenshot.

Looks easy, right?

As a keyboard user, my key configuration is as follows:

[[LShift][;]] [S] [D] [F] [Space] [J] [K] [L]

My keyboard has only six-key rollover.

See the problem?

Exploiting that the modifier keys don't count towards the rollover limit, I use [LCtrl] [LShift] [Z] [X] for my left hand.

Problem solved. I cleared ▽10 "Magical Love Words (Another)". Me and everyone else.

Learning this new form...is a whole nother problem.

Solid but unspectacular progress today, so I'd like to cover the gaming environment. When I was reading GALFORD's guide for shootemup beginners in arcades, GALFORD mentioned making rivals. Cool, isn't that what I'm doing for Lunatic Rave 2?

Back in my shootemup days, though, the last time I declared a rival was maybe 15 years ago when I wanted to chase down a Giga Wing 2 score by Mode7. But as I learned more about Japanese records, I based my scoring goals on them instead of high score tables.

Do you want to hear a wretched Touhou song? Show more

I wanted more of a sine wave than a triangle wave, because difficulty curves just seem to work better with a sine wave, but I didn't really think through how to convey it. I played around with the numbers a bit this afternoon and came up with something if I want to play multiple 11s:


I tried it out tonight, and I liked it:
* Try double the 11s
* Work towards more hard clears in the 7s
* Vary songs more

Umm, good night.


The quintessential rhythm game song.

That one very hard song.

Within the BMS scene, every time I improve my clear lamp for any of its charts, I feel like I made a huge step forward in my rhythm gaming career.


I cleared the ▽8 chart.

Good night.

Over the last several weeks, I've been alternating between level 9 and level 10 charts. Since I could sustain playing the 9s but not the 10s, I thought this was a good way to try out the 10s without flaming out. For 11s, I go 9-10-11-10 and repeat.

This morning, I realized that I've been playing at an average level of 10, the stamina-draining level I was trying to avoid. How could I have missed that? The fix is simple: go 9-10-9-8 or 9-10-11-10-9-8-7-8. Adds a little extra variety, too.

Sandwiched between DSCH and me in Skill ranking is fuji, some idle player. I'm playing some new charts ▽10 and higher that fuji already played, and just by doing that, maybe we won't be rivals for long. It's no fun having a ghost for a rival anyway. (:

But I was surprised I was able to gain 60+ EX points on each of these two charts that gave me nightmares to clear: ▽8 "Cross Galaxy" and ▽7 "B.B.K.K.B.K.K.". I wonder whether I should revisit songs on the order of days instead of minutes...

- Update -
新:2019 年 03 月 10 日 Sun 12:56:49
(古:2019 年 03 月 03 日 Sun 05:22:25)

...Okay, then.

I checked out the Skill scores for DSCH and me. It was 5171-4987; it's now 5230-5158. The bulk of DSCH's improvement is playing one new chart that happened to be in BOF2006: ☆11/▽10 "Magical Love Words".

I was cautioned that Skill is more of an activity score, and I'm starting to believe it. I could've just played new charts ▽10 and higher. But that would be counterproductive to what I want to measure.

Japan Time...didn't come today. At least for ▽Normal2 Stairway anyway. It happens occasionally. /:

A few days ago, I beat DSCH in total EX score among common songs. To make a new checkpoint, I decided to filter away charts less than ▽5 at which my scores are better than his. I want to figure out the lowest level of charts that are still significant in determining Skill between two similar players.

The gap is now EX-335, and I'm showing no signs of slowing down!

▽10 "LIGHTS (Original Mix)" is testing me on how serious I should take each note. Take a look: ribbit.xyz/bms/score/view?md5=

It's the dreaded long note (LN) accompanied with other notes. I'm playing this chart on only RANDOM, but that means handling awkward patterns in the LN sections if I'm unlucky.

Naturally, I try to hit LNs precisely, but if I let go, I could have a better chance of hitting the other notes precisely. I get tempted to ignore certain LNs because of this, but bad habits could form.

Childie Sharp? That's one of my favorite songs! I'm behind DSCH by EX-117 on the ▽10 chart, so it looks like I'll be enjoying this many times over.

*raises score from 1283 to 1301*

That wasn't too bad. Let me try RANDOM...

*gets a bleh RANDOM*

Well, it's past an hour of play, but I reallllllllly like this. I wanna try onnnnnnne more time, even if I blow out my fingers...

*beats DSCH's score 1420 to 1400*


That was fast. :|

Another big gain of 300 EX points tonight in LR2. Good RNG always helps, but for the last couple of nights, I set my HI-SPEED around 340 instead of 380 (450 ms of travel time instead of 400 ms).

I read for SDVX that I should set HI-SPEED as high as I could comfortably go. It seems good for precision on the light charts, but now that I'm playing on super-dense charts, I seem to be hitting notes late. After setting my lane cover back to 20% and reducing my HI-SPEED, I'm making big gains again.

To commemorate the induction of Papyrus, Black Lair, and End Time into SEGA's CHUNITHM, I played them all tonight.

☆6/▽5 Papyrus. Surprisingly devilish with the occasional burst of 16th notes, but you can catch up quickly if you take the chords seriously at the end.

☆8/▽7 End Time. Hate this chart. Long trill section to start is irritating and seems to just spam notes in spurts for the rest.

☆10/▽10 Black Lair. Nearly got the EASY clear! But I'll settle on beating DSCH's score 1791 to 1779.


This is why I play BMS songs: so that when late October rolls around, I get a first look at all the newest songs in the annual BMS of Fighters events and play them at some competent level.

And then six to twelve years from now, see the best of them get chosen to be in some Japanese arcade rhythm game I'll never get to play. (:

All right, tonight's canceled. I FULL COMBOed ▽7 "Lonely Cat", just my third FC in the ▽7s. Improved my score, too, because that's just what I'm supposed to do.

The chart's light for a ▽7 with only 5.2 notes per second, putting it at about the 25th percentile in note density among ▽7s. I don't know what business it has being the second song of the ☆04 course, but if I start going for the HARD CLEAR, I'll appreciate recovering my gauge with it.

The struggle's starting! Two hours of play and good RNG brought down the gap to only EX-320.

I don't mind going an hour without recording a new high score, but this from the-japari bothered me:

Focus on making small improvements every time

If I fail to improve my score or lamp, what other small improvement did I make? Did I learn how to finger a new chord sequence precisely? How do I track this?

I'm thinking about clearing a Stairway target before spending the rest of the hour on the ▽10s.

2 hours of play later, the gap is now EX-443. Nice RNG and relatively low note densities for ▽10s helped.

I'm well aware that the gap number is misleading: Skill seems to weigh high level songs heavily while I'm weighing all levels equally. But now that I'm close, I decided to filter away the easier levels.

With charts ▽6 and above, the gap is EX-2401. ▽8 and above, it's EX-2804. Larger than I thought! I'll continue using the overall gap number as a bridge and figure out a good filter later.

Business as usual since last time (EX-1018 → EX-922), so I'll wrap up my thoughts about talent.

I concluded that while talent might distinguish a top player from a beginner, it isn't helpful to think about as a possible constraint for progress. More likely, we lose interest in something before we maximize our use of talent. Even the-japari makes no mention of it for Beatmania.

For years, I mulled over whether interest level can be a constraint. Maybe so: I converted to rhythm games after all.

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