Nothing special today. Just mowing down more targets that I neglected to do for months. Starting the morning barely HARD clearing a song isn't good for my heart, though!

I looked at j0keri's profile, since his name is nice and green, the LR2ID is recent, and most of all, the name looks funny.

I don't have a clear idea how Stairway considers him a better player, but I do see he has more AAA HARD clears for lots of ☆5s. Maybe Stairway will recommend me to AAA some songs eventually...

I have another prospective rival, Axlyted. He tends to play songs quite a bit beyond his skill level constantly, but I kept seeing better scores from him in the songs we both played anyway. I have him beat in the Normal No.2 difficulty table, but on the original Normal table, his name is a nice green color, which irked me. I finally decided I'm going to do something about it.

Progress is slower but steady, but I have eight ☆6 HARD clear targets coming up, so it's going to be tense.

▽9 Don't Stop GO
* Chart density: 9.0 notes per second
* Previous best miss count: 75
* New best miss count: 66
* Target: ...65


Beating my main rival DSCH in a song I was struggling a little with was fine and all. But then Japan Time finally came! Stairway updated the player pages for the Normal difficulty table.

I checked out prospective rival Goodall18's page, and now my name is a nice green color, indicating that I'm ahead of him in some mysterious way that nonetheless makes me happy.

Then I looked at whether Stairway recommended any new songs for me.

...a ☆11. My embattled fingers have already ascended to heaven.

The tendon on my right ring finger is bothering me a little, which is why I'm letting up on the ▽9s to play less dense songs for now. But it's sleepy time for me, so good night~

So I'm just clearing more suggested targets for the ☆Normal difficulty table in Stairway, when suddenly, a FULL COMBO out of nowhere!

I thought I missed a note somewhere, but no, the chart is just sparse for a ☆7. With about 3.9 notes per second, it's more of a ▽5. But it was a nice surprise nonetheless.

Looks like something's up already for the 2019 edition of The BMS of Fighters while I wasn't paying attention. I wonder what all the fuss is abou...

Oh, no....

Regression happened. I couldn't get much going today in Lunatic Rave 2. I salvaged the night by improving my EX score a little in ▽9 Canon (blazing summer mix) and ▽9 CROSSFIRE, but that's about it.

I think I'm getting too familiar with the charts way too quickly. Right now, I'm trying to prevent this by letting a song "cool down" every time I fail to reach a target, but maybe the cool down times are too short. Not a big priority for me to experiment, though.

Wow, I couldn't believe my miss count dropped so much. I'm staring at the chart (, and the only thing that was clear to me was that I didn't rush through the repetitive parts as much. Other than that, I probably just had an elevated feel for the rhythm for a short bit of time.

Surprise, a video of something completely different: [Shikigami no Shiro II (式神の城 II) - Fumiko O.V. - 3,265,612,850 - ALL]

Don't tell Jaimers. (:

Well...that was fast.

I was afraid that a replay wouldn't be saved, because I only tied my EX score, but luckily, it's saved and ready for me to capture. Maybe I'll put up a video on PeerTube to try out the service.

Maybe when I get close to 6-dan level, I'll record hand shots. Rhythm game kusoplays are more tolerable to watch with them. (:

Next week, I'll be at an off-site lunch for a new hire. Since I'm more of a performer than a talker, I find that preparing a video of a recent gaming performance on my phone comes in handy.

I already showed ▽9 Brave My Soul (7.7 notes/second), and I have ▽9 BLAZES ASSAULT (8.2 n/s) ready, but I wanted to push myself further.

It might be one of my favorites, ▽9 Poppin' Shower (8.3 n/s). Very catchy song. My miss count was at 80, and I brought it down to 65. My target is 54.

Goodall18's recent promotion to 5-dan made me curious about what scores he made. From the few that I checked, they were better. Potential new rival?

He hasn't done much in the Normal No.2 difficulty chart, but in the original Normal chart, he has a slightly higher average rank than I have. That put me on tilt. I decided to do something about it.

(See screenshot.)

It's nice to go on a rampage once in a while. I need more time!

Cleared another ▽9, beating my rival's score in the process (1686 to 1664). This song has quite a number of three-note chords ( but the lowish 144 BPM and me reading the notes better in general helps. I beat my rival in a few other songs in the last few hours, too.

435 songs to go.

Beat a suggested Stairway target for ▽5 ひつぎとふたご with an EX score improvement from 770 to 803 (target: 771).

Stairway has a tool I use to guide me where I should make improvements: . I prefer chasing rivals or clearing ▽9s with a <6% miss count, though, but I like to make the Stairway system think that each week, I'm making progress, microscopic as it may be.

I wonder whether such a system would be effective for shootemups...

Not a new personal best for EX score, but it's not every day I could full combo a ▽5. Took me 17 tries.

Heh, now that I think about it, despite my lack of play time with SA, Koishi's and Satori's themes are much more memorable. Years ago, I remember playing Koishi's theme on perhaps an hour-long loops while I was working. I was on an extra stage boss music kick in general back then.

I decided to celebrate by playing ▽4 Wizdomiot, but I only ended up tying my rival's EX score. What a letdown... (:

Related, because the song came from 東方音弾遊戯7, a BMS creator event from 2015: Apparently, the music is based off of the one from the Parsee boss battle (SA stage 2). My hours of time spent with SA is probably in the low teens, so it's no wonder I couldn't recognize it.

Now how did this happen... :V

Another ▽9 cleared!

Also cleared some boring ▽4 song that I would've wrote more about if it weren't for this spike in improvement.

439 songs to go.

Another easy modo win:
▽2 Apollo (355 to 326. Probably bad calibration on DSCH's part again.)

When I was looking at the leaderboard, I got nostalgic seeing some familiar names from G2R2018: Reasonance (3-dan), Goodall18 (5-dan about a week ago!), and especially donkey103 (5-dan), who always seemed to be a little ahead of me.

odorokiuma2 caught my attention; I made odorokiuma (5-dan) my rival a few weeks ago, but I didn't see any recent plays from the account. Lost credentials, perhaps?

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