anyone playing touhou 17 or 18 with wine (on linux)?
th17 randomly crash after a while (around 1h i think?)
and for th18 it almost always crash when i clear a run (right after the ending, before i can save score/replay ofc, only time it havent was continue run :^)

pls halp

@naia are you playing them on steam or other versions? Steam via Proton works perfect for th18 for me

@engineer_kappa i use my system wine yes (6.18 , dxvk should be 1.9 iirc), I downloaded the game on moriyashrine, I promised myself I'll buy them one day but kinda low on money rn- :not_like_okuu:

@naia well, F, didn't try the Moriya Shrine version yet, so I don't think I can help

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