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If your computer isn't compatible with the Windows 11 upgrade, please consider trying to a Linux OS such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint before tossing out your old laptop or desktop PC!

If you use your computer mainly for light gaming via Steam and web browsing, you won't notice a difference. If you need more specific tools and programs, there is Wine and Proton.

The first step in the three R's is Reduce (don't buy a new PC) and then Reuse (use older computers.)

@fristi ace people be like
"welp, ig I dont exist then" *vanish*

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@erin hmm
not so hard ig? main issue would be performance wise

@Pixelito317 15.5 is soooo nice, but i hav no freind to play with ;-;

@engineer_kappa i use my system wine yes (6.18 , dxvk should be 1.9 iirc), I downloaded the game on moriyashrine, I promised myself I'll buy them one day but kinda low on money rn- :not_like_okuu:

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