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While being themed after Touhou, this instance tries not limit its users in what they can and can’t post about where applicable. However, to facilitate safe and comfortable experience for everybody aboard, the following rules are put into place:
  • NO hate speech. The definition of hate speech on this instance is as follows: Any kind of derogatory, insulting or offensive posts targeting race, religious or political beliefs, nationality, gender and/or any other attributes of any individual user or a group of users with or without intent to cause harm.
  • NO controversial content or posts intended to cause controversy and unrest. This rule strictly applies to topics of race, gender, political beliefs, nationality and/or any other attribute of any individual user or a group of users, however, admins or moderators may consider applying this rule to any other topics where they see fit.
  • NO disclosure of any private or confidential information of any user on this instance, any other instance or outside of federated networks, as well as any legal entity or individuals without internet presence.
  • NO nudity and/or Pornographic content without proper content warning.
  • NO Child Pornography, or content that can easily be identified as such, or content that containing indirect implications and allusions to the topic.
  • NO content that can be considered as illegal according with the law of Germany (Instance VPS location).

Rules listed above were first put into place on September 22, 2018 (09.22.2018) -
Rules listed above were modified on May 31st, 2019 (05.31.2019), changing instance location from Netherlands to Germany, reflecting server location change.
We use a system that does not imply permanent suspension of offending accounts, instead temporarily limiting offending account’s ability to post, with the duration of this limit being decided on individual basis, unless offending account consistently breaks any of described rules on purpose or if infringement is of high severity. In such cases, permanent suspension is applied to offending account.
Please also note that we enforce this list of rules non-exclusively, meaning that we will not tolerate infringements regardless of your race, gender, nationality, political or religious beliefs and/or any other attributes of any individual user. We believe that rules must be applied equally to everyone if we are meant to co-exist on this instance.
Please also note that we do not apply rules retroactively, meaning that if we introduce a new rule, post made before the date of rule’s introduction will not be persecuted. To facilitate this, any future additions to the list of rules will feature a timestamp of this rule (or group of rules) date of introduction.
Please also note that due to allowance of posting Pornographic and/or nudity on this instance, by using it you confirm that you are of legal age in your country of residence and allowed to view such content.
Please also note that we try not to limit federation with other instances in any way where we can, however, if we deem an instance as incompatible to our list of rules, we may choose to suspend federation with said instance.
Please also note that depending on the amount of activity on this instance, we might not be able to effectively enforce this set of rules on our own and users are highly encouraged to use built-in report feature should they find any content violating the rules.
Should you disagree with any of those rules you must cease usage of this instance immediately and chose an instance which you feel more comfortable with. You can find a list of other instances on https://joinmastodon.org (Most popular instances) and https://instances.social (most complete list).
Complaints, inquiries and suggestions can be sent to admin (at) gensokyo.social or to any member of administration or moderation team, as well instances main administrator (@Deiru@gensokyo.social).